KORE is a film, theatre and new media production company, specialized in transmedia.


Transmedia is multiplatform storytelling and experience, where different parts of the story are told via different media and the experience is designed so that each medium excels at what it does best.

Transmedia requires creating not only a story but a storyworld, a world that the audience can enter to read, listen, watch, do and play the story. Each part of the story is able to stand on its own and be enjoyed as such in its own medium, but also, all singular stories are parts of a larger story, of a coherent storyworld which when is chosen to be experienced as such, creates a richer, immersive and interactive experience for the audience who becomes co-creators.

KORE writes, designs and produces film, games and transmedia.

We at KORE create our own stories but also transmedia strategies for your story. We work with transmedia to place the audience inside the creation or unraveling of the story and to draw the audience into the story and make the story stand out and be noticed in today’s noisy medialandscape.

We can create traditional films, commercials and theatre plays for you, your community or your brand. Check out also some special types of experiences KORE can create for you!

Living Theatre In Living Worlds

Social Network Theatre
Transmedia & Crossmedia

We also offer transmedia consulting and analysis of your existing transmedia project.

The art exhibition Creatures growing up in ashes, part of the film- and crossmedia project Valkyria.

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