Welcome to Kore

Valkyria, selected for Cinekid Junior Co-prouduction Market in Holland, The Pixel Market at the London Cross-Media Forum, Merging Media in Canada, SOURCES Script & Development Workshops, Nordic Film and TV Fund High 5 for Kids and The Swedish Affair in Hollywoood.


We make films, stage theatre and create new media.

We tell stories.

We use different media to do so – film, books, theatre, photos, music, video clips, websites, blogs and social networks.

The total work of art – an experience that changes you, draws you into its story and changes for you, makes you its co-creator in an interactive, persuasive, social, and creative storyworld.

The ultimate experience – to live a story – that’s what we create.

So what are your projects like?

Valkyria, supported by Nordic Film and TV Fund, Region Skåne, Idéer för Livet and BoostHbg.


Who are the experiences for and why should I pay for them?

Our experiences are designed to connect with your audience, your customers or the citizens of a particular place and engage them, get your message through, create involvement, debate and change on particular issues, encourage commitment to your cause, educate children or adults, increase brand awareness, spread information about your product, to entertain or to move people.

The experiences are entertainment, education, marketing, vehicles for social change, collaboration projects, teambuilding, and art.


KORE is a film and media production company based in Lund, Sweden.
We thank business development program LNC Lund Center for New Enterprise, its CEO, staff and our amazing business mentor Anders Brun for development support. 

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