Social Change and Sustainable Development

We believe in the enormous power of collective intelligence and collaborative creation to create change and solve real world problems. The internet offers the possibility to reach millions of people and organize them to act together, such as the global democracy movement Avaaz that count over 14 million members from 193 countries.Via the internet, we can create structures for an exchange of ideas and mutual support that transform small actions into powerful movements.

Transmedia experiences can form such a structure, providing people with step by step tools of change and motivating them by making them feel they are part of a community, of something larger than themselves, and that their actions are meaningful and sustained by the actions of others, thus contributing to empowering them. The ARG World without Oil had players contributing with over 1500 stories of their life in a world after peak oil has caused a global oil shortage, creating a database of ideas and creative solutions for a fictive problem that may soon become reality. In the same way, we believe that transmedia projects can confont and contribute to the discussion and solving of problems of sustainability, gender unequality, human rights issues and distribution of resources among many others.


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