Rooted in the dark Scandinavian fairy tales and myths, the art exhibition meditates upon the confusing and at the same time arousing stage teenage girls finds themselves in in today’s society, trying to understand, discover and express their sexuality in a world that objectifies them and locks them up in a few stereotypes.

Creatures growing up in ashes has been inspired by the tale and theme of Valkyria, and features art works by the Valkyria target audience, girls 12-21, in dialogue with the art of Valkyria project photographer Louise Nevander. The exhibition is curated by Tereze Kestere and Anna Nevander as a part of the film- and transmedia project Valkyria. Creatures growing up in ashes has been exhibited at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg in collaboration with the BoostHbg program Change through Story, in Stenkrossen Ungdomshus in Lund, and in Rockstar Mansion in Los Angeles, as part of the creative export event The Swedish Affair 2013.

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