Transmedia is an artform that makes use of many different formats to express a story and create an experience, and that is performed on many different platforms.


What can be part of a transmedia experience?

Film in the form of feature films, short films, tv-series, videoclips, webisodes and mobisodes, text and art in the form of novels, short stories, graphic novels, blogs, microblogs, wikis, websites, pictures, graphics, art objects, design, music, interaction in the form of gaming, social network communication, chats, forums, mails, phonecalls, sms and user generated content, gaming in the form of ARGs, role playing games, storytelling games, location-based games, video games, social games, board games, live events such as stage- and street theatre, performance, dance, concerts, flashmobs, art exhibitions, radio shows and parties.


Where are the experiences presented, performed and played?

The experiences are multiplatform. Platforms are TV-channels and cinemas, radio channels, published books and journals, video game consoles, mobile phones and real life locations like clubs and spaces for concerts and exbitions and the streets and urban space of a city, and the web with blogs, websites, wikis and social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Flickr.


Read more about Transmedia Experiences, and check out some of the other types of experiences we design and create in the menu to your left, such as Alternate Reality Games, which use transmedia mechanisms and ideas!

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