Branded Entertainment and Viral Marketing

Why should you let us market you in a transmedia story universe or a crossmedia experience? Because audiences are getting less and less susceptible to ordinary adds and commercials. The stories we create are online, on the networks and sites where the audiences are, and are designed to catch their attention. They are fun, engaging and have the possibility to draw in an unlimited number of participants. They can put on your websites to entertain your customers and convince them to spend more time on the site, in the world of your brand. They promote repeated traffic to your company websites, can evolve around brand IP, feature a product of yours as the goal of a competition or story-related treasurehunt, or make use of product placement, as well as sustain a viral marketing campaign.

In the case of Alternate Reality Games, they also have numerous possibilities to seamlessly intertwine commercial products and services in the story universe, for examples as holders of clues in the form of websites or physical objects with which the players have to interact to obtain the clue. Successful large scale viral marketing online ARG:s involve Last Call Poker with 500 000 active participants marketing Activision’s GUN, I love bees with over 600 000 players marketing Halo2, The Lost Ring with 3 million players from over 150 countries and initiated by MacDonalds as part of their marketing for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, The Beast over 3 million active participants marketing the Spielberg film AI, and Why so serious with 10 million players, helping the feature film The Dark Knight to gain the greatest number of advanced presale tickets ever recorded.

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